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Design Layer Viewports and schedules

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I have been using design layer viewports to reference plans for use in drawing elevations for construction drawings. Annoyingly, however, whenever an object appears in a design layer viewport, it seems (as far as schedule generation for windows and doors are concerned) that it is counted a second time.

For example:

I have a house plan with 4 windows of type A.

In drawing elevations of the 4 sides of my house, I make 4 design layer viewports.

I generate a window schedule.

20 Type A windows are counted, 4 for each DL VP and 4 for my original plan. My schedule can no longer be relied upon to display multiple quantities of the same window size.

Is there a way around this?


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You need to edit the criteria for the schedule and specify exactly which design layers you want to count the windows on.

Right Click (Ctrl-click) on the row header for the schedule (eg 4, not 4.1, 4.2 etc). If you don't see it click on the black down pointing triangle over the row headers and choose Database Headers.

From the Row popdown menu select Edit Criteria. Click the More Choices button and set the new criteria row to by Design Layer is your design layer.

If you have multiple design layers you want in a single schedule, then it might be easier to choose to exclude the design layers you don't want in the schedule. Do the same as above, but set the criteria to be Design Layer IS NOT layer "with your DLVPs."

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Thanks. It's working as you described.

Is there a reason why setting the criteria in this fashion seems to override the "On Schedule" checkbox in the window plug-in object? Now all of my window objects are showing up on the schedule, including those being demolished...

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Is this still happening in 2010?

I was really hoping they'd give us a more elegant solution one day.

It'd be so much better if they'd just give us a check-box to "look in DLVP".

It'd be off in all my templates.

It's a pain to have to re-edit your worksheets if you decide to change the drawing structure.

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DLVP are meant to be used as links to other VW files or things that needs to be in the drawing more than once, so the behaviour is like it was designed. I was also struggling to see why they did it, but once you think it through, it's just so straight forward.

So DLVP are more like symbols in that way that you can draw for example a room layout on a layer, and then use that room layout on another layer where a whole floor level is on with all those same rooms.

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Hey D,

Thanks for posting. I never really thought about it much, but yeah...it makes sense.

I was using DVLP for zoomed in detail views sometimes, but those should really be on a sheet layer as it's a presentation thing.

Design layers for objects you want in the drawing and reported, sheet layers for different ways of looking at the objects.

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I'm still not sure it makes sense. There are lots of uses for seeing things multiple times. There are zero uses for counting things more than once.

Also, given the criteria workaround, it would be nice if it didn't override settings in plug-in objects.

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