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building a Futon

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So, I am learning the ropes of VW09 in a CAD class I am taking, and as part of one of our projects we've been building one of the rooms in our homes. I've been pretty successful so far with most things like my book case and computer desk, but I'm about to start on my futon and I'm kinda of perplexed. The futon is the one in this link (hopefully providing links to outside sites isn't forbidden or looked down upon, if it is I apologize http://www.wallmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10794467

The arms are what are getting me at the moment. I'm fiddling with drawing a circle inside a circle for them at the moment, and duplicating it to make 2 legs, but duplicating along a path that would make them join one another is where I am having problems. Any ideas?

The only hint my instructor gave me was that I would have to extrude along path, and he only said that because I told him I had figured it out and he let that slip.

Thanks all.

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'Duplicate along path' would be my suggestion.

You'll need a polyline of the leg from the side view as the path and an object (i.e. a circle) to be the profile.

To get the polyline imagine looking at the futon in the side view (end on) and draw a line that would represent the centre of the leg. Then draw a circle on the desired diametre and use the 'Extrude along path' command. Make sure you select the correct object as the path in the dialogue box.

To get a hollow tube/leg, draw one circle inside another and use the 'clip surface' command (in the Modify menu) and then extrude the result along the polyline. This should give you a tube in the shape of the leg. You will have to position the leg in the correct orientation.

(If, before extruding, you convert your path object to a nurbs curve (Model>3D Power Pack>Convert to Nurbs) the resulting extrude will appear in the same position as the NURBS curve and not on the ground plane and therefore would not need to be re-positioned)

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