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Tool Set Icons


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I seem to have 'lost' some tool set icons from the palette and they have been replaced with spanners (wrenches). I notice in the edit workspace dialogue box at the bottom there is a "set tool set icon" button but I don't know where to find the icons.

Can anybody give me some pointers please?

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Ahh: a spanner in the VectorWorks? How wrenched!

Looks odd. Have you added Tool Sets?

Have you, by any chance, quit & restarted VW? (I notice that you are a Mac user, so having a program running for weeks and months without quitting is not particularly extraordinary.) After a relaunch and then using the workspace editor would be the next step. Re-installing after that, methinks. (You won't lose too many, if any, settings in that.)

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Unfortunately neither restarting nor trashing the preferences seem to work. If I use an original workspace, i.e. one that comes with VW the icons are fine, but if I had a tool set, say 'Solids' to a workspace the 'spanner' icon appears.

I suppose a re-install is the next step, but I'd rather not!!

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Guest Lyndsey

You have to provide your own PNG images. When you click the "Set Tool Set Icon" button, the dialog that appears indicates the dimensions of the PNG image you should select.

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