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Worksheets export hidden lines



I have installed VW2010 SP1 update and exported a drawing for the first time using this version.

My worksheet which is visable on a layer of my drawing and contains a bill of materials for items on the drawing looks fine when viewing and printing to printer or pdf but when I export to .dwg the hidden lines of items not on my drawing are visable in the Autocad file.

I have tried several options from the export menu and get the same thing each time.

Does anyone else experience this?

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Sorry to let this slide for such a long time. I get busy spells.

When creating a worksheet and adding Database line and formula such as

=('Record Name'.'Field Name')

I would normally turn the database headers off.

After adding serveral database lines to the worksheet and then adding the records to the objects on the drawings you can "Recalculate" the database.

All objects on the drawing with records will list and the database lines that don't have records recorded on drawing objects are invisable (don't list).

These empty (invisable) lines are made visable when exporting to .dwg which is not correct. Only the visable line items should export.

When I have a worksheet that includes 20 database lines but only one record is used, the result shows a number of items on the drawing with different lengths & widths on different lines correctly.

After export the line items appear as well as the other 19 unused (normally hidden) database lines.

SP1 didn't allow metafile export and import to get around this but SP2 does. However this is not the solution to the problem.

If anyone else can emulate the problem then I can report it as a bug to VW.

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