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Mac Pro - Upcoming revisions?

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You'll want to take the MacRumors buyer's guide with a grain of salt. Last year, MacRumors was suggesting that iMacs with quad-core processors would be released at MacWorld in Jan of this year - turned out not even be close to true. Also, take a closer look at the release dates for the Mac Pro and you'll see that they've been released annually, between January and April since 2007.

I've been considering the same purchase and have been trying to decide when to pull the trigger.

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Then again, maybe I'm wrong.

Just looked at the apple site and they've just released the quad-core iMac that I was looking for last year. It comes with 4G RAM, a 1TB drive, and a 512MB video card. Seems to me that they'll have a hard time justifying the extra $500 for a "comparable" quad core Mac Pro that comes with only 3G RAM, a 640GB drive, and a 512MB video card.

AND, it looks like the iMac and Mac Pro are on very similar release schedules. Last year they were both updated at the same time (3/2009.)

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Principle reasons for MacPro are expandability and serviceability.

You can swap a hard-drive in about a minute. Same for the other components.

In a "mission-critical" machine this can be important.

It's all about that big easy-open box.

Gigs of Ram go for about $30 each. 1TB drive is around $100 and you can put 4 in if you're feeling cramped. Multiple monitors of your choice...and so on.

And it'll get an upgrade soon enough.

The Imac is a great machine, but for some there are good reasons to spend another $500.

Just sayin'...

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Also on the bill of new Apple hardware is the Magic Mouse . I really like the 360 scrolling gesture it can make, which can bring ease to the Pan command in Vectorworks - an otherwise click drag chore.

Apple also has an "upgraded" Time Capsule. It scares me that those things were dying on its users -- generally after only 18 months! . It seems that the heat they generate are shortening the life of the power supply. Just today, I elevated my Time Capsule on some 1" wooden cubes, to get some cool air underneath it. It seems to cool it down to lukewarm.

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The old Mighty Mouse was awful; I had three replacements sent to me before giving up on that terrible scroll ball design. The Magic Mouse, however, looks interesting.

The upcoming quad-core iMac is very attractive; so much so that we're tempted to save some money and go with that instead of the Pro.

Did anyone notice the base 27" iMac is cheaper than a 30" cinema display? Apple need to fix those prices pronto...

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