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Plant list for phased installation


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I am creating a drawing for the Phase I installation of a master plan. I would like to create a plant list to include only the plants in a class for Phase I. When I bring my plant list onto my drawing, it shows all of the plants, even for those on classes that are invisible.

Although I was told that I could edit my plant list worksheet to control what's included, I have not been successful in determining what to do. What are the steps to achieve this?

Thank you!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Terri,

Take a look at the two screen shots - to enter the Database Header Row, there's a small black triangular "down" arrow in the top left corner just below the red "X" of the worksheet that you need to click on. This will then allow you to set your search/limiting criteria so your worksheet will display only what you need.

You can find additional help on discovering the power of Worksheets under the Help pull-down

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Hi Wes,

Thanks for your suggestions. I found out that I needed to Ctrl click in order to access the "edit criteria" option.

Jonathan Pickup has a helpful video on YouTube. VW has a good video techtip entitled "Organizing Worksheets" which really clarified how to organize my plant list worksheet to meet my needs.

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