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Handle to PIO or Symbol in Wall


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Is there any way to get the handle of a PIO in wall or a symbol in wall by its location on the drawing?

If I go to the location of a placed symbol or PIO in a wall and GetType of the object at that location it returns type 68 (wall) and not the type of the inserted item. Do I have to HUngroup the wall in order to get to the object?

I was hoping to use SetParent to remove the object from the wall without having to explode the wall, but I cannot seem to get to the inserted object in the first place.

Am I missing something simple here?

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If I use GetPickObjectInfo, the other issue I will have to resolve is actually obtaining the coordinate location.

I am needing this inside of a running subroutine, and all I have is a handle to the wall and a handle to a line that crosses the wall where the symbol is inserted. So I cannot use GetPt, and will have to find the intersection of the wall and line.

I also have other cases where the line crosses the inserted symbol but not the wall, for example where the line is parallel to the wall but crosses an open door swing. If I GetType of the object here it still returns type 68 (wall), but I am not sure if GetPickObjectInfo will find the sub selectable object if it does not find the wall object at that point.

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