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Converting 2d curves into polygones and back into curves

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To successfully extrude certain 2d shapes i have sometimes converted them into polygones, which is fine visually. But it does turn curves into lots of tiny lines. This is a problem as after using the model to design and visualise for my purposes i then make a 2d flat version of all the shapes and send it off to a CNC router to cut them out. And this machine needs the curves to be curves with the least amount of points to do the best job.

SO, the question is how can i make curves out of polygones again? Adobe illustrator offers a function called simplify which simplifies the curves back into just a minimum of points. Does such a function exist in vectorworks? Or which way would you have to go?

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Welcome to the Community board.

I think the better solution would be to extrude without converting to polygons. Could you post a file that exhibits the behavior?

I would make it easier to help if you would create a signature with your version of Vectorworks including updates and computer specs including OS.

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There is no simplify polygons command in 2D, but there is one in 3D if you have the Designer series packages. If that is the way you choose to go, then convert to 3D poly, simplify, using the VW recommendations or more, and then modify-convert the 3D poly back into a 2D poly. It will have the same number of vertices.

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