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2010 flickery mouse

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Hello All,

Just updated to 2010! So far so good, but I am having a problem with a "flickery" mouse. When I move the mouse around the screen, say in the 2d select tool, the arrow flickers so much that it makes it difficult to determine if the move or resize arrow is active when I hover over the end of a line. I have tried to match settings but obviously I am missing something. I have unchecked the gdi in the display preferences...it seems like unchecking that always solves something!

Thanks in advance for any advice cause it is giving me fits!

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Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


Date: 3/9/2009

Just spoke with a gal in tech support and she thought it might be my wireless mouse but I am running a wired mouse now with the same effect. I am also going to try starting windows in safe mode and see if anything changes.

Thanks for your time,

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Per the intel website, your computer is using shared memory for video.

http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intelgm45/ [see the FAQ]

With prvious versions of Vectorworks this has not been consistent with hardware recommendations.

See: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/714/Video+Graphic+Card+Guidelines+for+Vectorworks+-+9%7B47%7D15%7B47%7D2009

I would be surprised if that has changed with 2010.

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I am trying to figure this out here, but as you can see I am running windows XP. Correct me if I am wrong but XP will only allow so much ram to be used for memory...anything extra would just sit unused. Is it the same for video memory?

Would Vista make better use of my ram? Windows 7? Not sure even if it does work better if I can load a new os as this is a work computer.

Just trying to get my head around this! Thanks!

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If you're running a 32bit operating system, then there are 4 gigabytes of addressable memory.

Doesn't matter if it's XP, Vista, Seven, or Windows 2000; 32bit OS = four gigabytes maximum address space.

Given NNA's recommendations, you were lucky to be able to run 2009 without problems on an integrated graphics controler. With 2010, your luck ran out.

Seven or Vista might improve things, but then again it might make the problem worse. XP drivers can do things that are not allowed in Vista and Seven.

In addition, if you are running on a laptop, you may have trouble getting all the correct drivers for Vista or Seven. You'll have better odds with a workstation class laptop such as a Dell Precision and much lower odds with a consumer level laptop and/or a minor brand.

On the other hand, if you're not running on a laptop, you should be able to pop in a video card with adequate resources.

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I had a blinking pointer with my MS Wireless Mouse that was fixed by downloading a new mouse driver. Apparently older drivers had a problem with CAD.

A quick test : look in the Task Manager (WinXP) Processes for Ipoint.exe. Turn it off and see if the flickering stops. Windows will use the default mouse driver, which will make any special functions inoperative.

You can go back to the wireless Driver in Control Panel/Mouse. But you will still need to update Ipoint.exe. My current version is 6.31.230.

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I would say you just don't have the video horsepower to run VW 2010. Were you able to run VW 2009?

I just installed a 30 day trial of 2010 on one of my students laptops (all students get laptops here!) and although the install was a bit funky, 2010 is running well. No flickers. The machines are:

AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile 2.00Ghz and 1.87 GB Ram with an ATI Radeo X1250 card. Looks like it is running with 256 mb of video ram.

My laptop only looked like it was running 128 mb of shared video ram. That's a kicker, the students laptop is better than mine!?

oh well, thanks anyways!

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