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Structural vs Architectural walls


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last time I checked you could not assign classes to the different wall components... if this is still so, what is the work-around

for adjusting wall thicknesses in Structural vs Architectural plans? ie: concrete block walls in structural drawings are 7 5/8" thick, but are thicker in architectural drawings to account for drywall and other finishes.

Any good tips that don't over-complicate the drawings?

Many thanks


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Wall compenents can be Classed in Vw 2010 and can also be defined as 'Core' ie structural. From the Online Help:

In Architect and Landmark, wall components can be assigned to a class; this allows maximum flexibility since the component classes can be shown or hidden separately from the wall class. By default, components are assigned to the wall class.

When a component is in an invisible class, its fill and lines are hidden. Invisible components on the interior and exterior of a wall cause the wall?s lines and fill to adjust to the visible components only, making the wall appear thinner than its actual width. This allows walls to show only their structural components, for example. If all components are invisible, the wall displays at its full thickness, without components.

The first image below is from the online Help. The second image shows the Wall Component dialg box and a wall with components on and off.

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