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VW 09 and Snow leopard?

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Since my new IMac should arrive by thursday of this week, and I purchased VWA2009 in July with a free upgrade offer to VW2010 I am taking NNA at its word and emailed a request for the 2010 upgrade. I am expecting to have to pay the $15 shipping cost and even offered to return the unopened 2009. I will let the Board know if I have any problems getting the free upgrade.

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The 2010 training DVD has a little of everything, indluding fundamentals and spotlight,I believe, as well as taking one through a small project - similar to the 2009 VWA traianing dvd I suppose. Funny thing, I also received the 2009 training dvd which would not run under SN.


Is the trainig DVD titled Vectorworks 2010 Getting Started Guide? If not, then what is the title?

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strange they should say they have nothing for 2010, my essential and architect manuals are shipping

who is "they"?

Nemetschek. I specifically asked if there were any training DVDs, and I was told no. She (Kristin) said they were being provided third party by you (Jonathan). I was asking for them to be included free with my upgrade. That is why I'm curious what they sent Fred.

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Hi everyone,

We are a couple of weeks behind our anticipated schedule on the 2009 SP5 release. Every aspect of changing and releasing older software is more labor intensive and prone to error because it is not the project everyone is working with on a daily basis. We are taking the time to make sure this final VW 2009 release is high quality.

We expect this release to be out the door the first week in December, but we will release it earlier if possible.

Sorry if this delay has affected your Snow Leopard plans.


Paul Pharr



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VW 2009. As with any public information just let the public know. Your 2009/snow leopard page still says early November so I look everyday. Now I know not to look until late next week earliest. Just keep us informed that's all I ask. I mean your eDispatch didn't mention anything either.

With reference to legacy software support (?) I'm sure snow leopard was identified as a release not long after 2009 was released. The real reason you didn't update it sooner is to push us into buying 2010. For this reason and this reason alone I'm not buying 2010. I'll wait till 2011. I know my little bit of money makes no difference to you, but it makes me feel better.

Still great software, it's just my personal stand.

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We like VW and have kept versions mostly current since Minicad in the 80's. But it's ridiculous that we have a brand new iMac 27-inch which can't be used because VW 2009 will not run on it. In addition, my other workstations are on hold for upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Meanwhile Adobe CS3, MS Office 2008, Quickbooks 2007 and almost everything else older than VW 2009 work under Snow Leopard (some admittedly only after free updates). Do I feel frustrated about VW?


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sandmed, I have been running VW 2009 on OS 10.6 without any readily apparent problems. Of course I assume it's running under Rosetta, but so do a lot of other programs I have. Obviously running any software under an 'emulation' is not anyone's idea of perfection, however it seems to work for the short term. As Mr Pharr has said, they are very close to having an SP finished. So a bit of patience (or a bit more patience) seems appropriate ;-)

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Peter, why would VW2009 run under Rosetta? It's a Universal application. I assumed that the issues with VW2009 were bugs, not that the application needed to be re-written. Am I missing something?

No problems with VW2009 SP4 on OS X 10.6.2? That's great. I'm going to upgrade over the weekend. Just for the record, you're not seeing any of the problems listed on the NNA FAQ?

- Toggling Quartz Imaging in Vectorworks Preferences display tab, crashes the application

- Importing any DXF/DWG files crashes Vectorworks 2009

- Vectorworks files cannot be opened by drag and drop

- Macintosh Spotlight features do not work with Vectorworks 2009 on Snow Leopard

- Random crashes

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You're having better luck w/ 2010? I switched back to 2009 because I kept finding bugs and having crashes with 2010.

I'm beginning to wonder about that SP for 2009. First it was due in early November, then it was due in the first week of December. The first week has come and gone and still no SP.

I'm especially bummed because I just upgraded from my little first-gen MacBook to a swanky 27" i5 iMac (running Snow Leopard.) The old MacBook was starting to act a little wonky and the lack of speed was killing me.

Wish me luck.

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