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I've been using 12.5 for a long time, and now I work at a company that uses 2008. I understand you are supposed to be able to use the worksheets to enter data for lights. When I do this it doesn't update data on the lights, it just keeps the data in the worksheet. Then when I export to Lightwright I am getting double the instruments. How do I update instrument data via worksheets/reports like you would have with editable worksheets?


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Not sure if there is a default database worksheet in the library...

But this is how to roll your own:

1. Right click in the Resource Browser > New Resource in ____ > New Worksheet. Accept the default. (You can add more rows/columns by dragging the bottom right corner.)

2. Right click on a row heading (Leave a blank row or 2 at the top for headings, etc.) Let's say you pick row 3 for this example.

3. Select Database.

4. In the next dialog box, make the pulldowns be: Type Is Lighting Device

5. In the cells in Row 3 enter stuff like:

=('Lighting Device'.'Channel')

=('Lighting Device'.'Dimmer')

=('Lighting Device'.'Circuit Number')

=('Lighting Device'.'Position')

you get the idea....

All the instruments will be in rows 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc...

Check the manual about worksheets for how to sort. It's really easy.

All changes you make in the worksheet instantly change in the drawing. Changes you make in the OIP of a an instrument will change in the worksheet after you refresh it by clicking the little triangle in top left corner and choosing Recalculate.

A couple hints:

1. Click the triangle in the top left corner. Format Cells... You will wear a groove with your mouse going to this screen. Cells can be formatted from there. Kind of like excel 100 years ago. Deselecting Database Headers will make row 3 with the weird numbers go away.

2. The gobo field is called =('Lighting Device'.'Template'). Don't know why.

3. Include the fields 'Alt-Chan' and 'Alt-Dim' and use them to sort by channels and dimmers. Because the Channel and Dimmer fields are text fields so they sort alphabetically. ie. 1,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,2,20....

4. Right clicking on a row header and left clicking on Select Item will cause the drawing to zoom to that instrument and select it. Very helpful.

I often have the worksheet open to cover the top quarter of the screen so I can use this feature and still see the drawing underneath. If you are using a mac, you can double click the top of the worksheet to window shade it out of the way.

It takes a little time to set up, but it's a resource. So it can import it into all your drawings and reuse it.



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