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Worksheet as Graphic Question

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I am creating a worksheet to place as a graphic spec sheet in my drawing template.

Numbers in merged cells are not dispaying in the graphic when they are too large for the "unmerged size" of the single adress cell they are in.

That's a rather complex sounding explanation when I read it, but I can't say it any simpler for the moment.

Adjusting the address cell disproportionately wider fixes this problem, but that isn't an option for me.

I get the overflow "###" in my graphic when I have numbers with 2 or more digits. Single digit numbers will show up in the graphic. The merged cells in the worksheet are large enough to show all of the digits in the numbers I need to work with... except for the "Gallons" calculation cell. Although a 5 or 6 digit number should fit easily, it doesn't. (I say "should fit" because I can fit a 5 digit number in a smaller merged cell group with 'Text' formatting.)

My examples below are screenshot composites with red boxes around the worksheet merged cell groups in question, and a blue box around an inset screenshot from the resulting graphic on the drawing.

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Thanks for confirming.

Is there an official way to forward bug reports to VW dev?

I'll look into possible work-arounds.

Smaller text is out.

Wider columns might work, but I'd have to get creative to make 'X' checkboxes. Vertical space is an issue, but if it wasn't I would just stack them and create a set of 2 or 3 columns formatted at the left or right hand side just for those checkboxes.

I'll have to give this some thought.

I appreciate your input.

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For a work around I am going to manually calc values and enter my numbers as text. This isn't great, but I only have a few values that would need calculating in the near term.

I have some grand visions of a dynamic worksheet that pulls every value that it can from my drawing, but that could be in the works for a while.

Doing the text formatting wasn't as simple as I thought for what appears to be a related glitch.

The issue here: I couldn't get my numbers to display as text by using the 'Text' format option or by using quotes.

To get these numbers to 'register' in my worksheets as text I am going to use the 'General' format (in the Number tab) and preface each entry with a 'SPACE'.

Using this method I can at least get my numbers to fit in the worksheet and graphic.

(Incidently, printing a hard copy from inside the worksheet editor reveals odd formatting anomalies such as an unspecified font and incorrect justification.)

I've submitted a bug report.

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