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default title block location

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from v2010 help:

"To be available to the Sheet Border tool, either the file must be saved in the Libraries\Defaults\Sheet Border - Title Blocks folder, or the custom symbol and its associated record format must be imported into the Custom Title Blocks.vwx file, located in the same default resources folder."

Can someone explain the point of the folder: "~/Library/VectorWorks/2010/Libraries/Defaults/Sheet Border - Title Blocks/" if VW does not access what you put in there. Am I missing something? I'd like to be able to create custom titleblocks and not have them lost if I upgrade the application.

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Any modifications including this example, workspaces, plugins, etc. should be kept here:

/Users//Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2010/

VW looks to this folder before the Libraries for workspaces, plugins, etc. This will not be overwritten on any upgrade/update, and makes it easy to backup and save all user settings and customization.

The help should state this. Click on the Bug Submit link on the right of the page to submit a bug. The new help is designed to be updated easily by NNA.

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Hi Ray,

You would think so, but in fact, that doesn't seem to work. You explanation is exactly the logic used when I tried to store the file in my home thread. In fact, the Resource browser doesn't seem to notice title block in that file. To me it seems like the incorrect behavior. Or does this work for others and I am doing it wrong?

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Good call. I overlooked restarting the app. Since the Resource browser parses folders when dealing with favorites and the like, I assumed that the app would actively parse the home folder storage location when looking for new resources in the Defaults structure. The title blocks do appear correctly in the dialogue box after a restart of Vectorworks.

Thanks for your help.

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