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Vincent C

Workspace choice before opening


I don't believe this is possible at the moment, but I regularly work with different screen sizes and have therefore created several workspaces (palett layouts) for these different screens, problem is it is not possible to choose a workspace before all paletts have appeared on screen, so if I have worked on a 24" screen with the corresponding palett layout and I open VW on a 22" screen the next time, it opens in the 24" screen layout and thus destroys this layout before I have a chance to choose the 22" palett layout.

It would thus be very helpfull if you could choose the workspace before one appears on screen.........or if the palett layout was not connected to the workspace but a setting on its own.

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Automator may be able to handle this for you with a simple Finder script that uses

> copy new>delete existing>paste new > to a "WorkspacePlaceHolder.vww" :

1) Create new ( or copy >Rename existing ) generic workspace name it > " MyCurrentWS.vww"

2) Copy content from one of the existing Workspaces ( which are XML ) ie. > "WS22.vww"

3) GoTo file > 'MyCurrentWS.vww" > select All > delete contents

4) Paste the XML from "WS22.vww" into "MyCurrentWS.vww">Save

5) Export Finder Script > "Launch WS22"

6) Point VW to always load workspace > 'MyCurrentWS.vww" at launch.

repeat to create launch scripts for each of the various Workspaces

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At a minimum, it would be nice if VW didn't save the workspace until you quit the application. Even better, VW could ask if you want to save changes to the workspace.

I've lost count of the number of times that I've accidentally opened the wrong workspace and then had to put the darn thing back together. Really frustrating. I now keep a copy of my workspaces for just such occasions. It would be nice if VW didn't make all of this work for me, I have enough to do already.

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I now have a workspace for 15", 22" and 24" screens which I alternate between regularly, make a change in say tool or shortcut settings and I have to go in to each one and make the change......THIS IS NOT OPTIMAL!!

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1 hour ago, mdaszenies said:

Where has Bill's post gone?


is no longer available.


And still, it would be nice if VW could detect if one or two screens are being present and choose an appropriate workspace automatically.


All of the old links to posts were lost when the User Forum was upgraded a while back. To find old posts you have to search for the topic and 'Search by Author'; In this case I searched for 'workspace' and 'billtheia' for the Author.



This might be the thread you were looking for:


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