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Black-filled callouts

Keith W

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I've been having a series of strange problems involving fills.

The current iteration is a callout in the annotations of a SLVP. It is filled solid black (it created that way).

I've changed the fill of the callout to none in the Attributes palette to no effect. I've even changed the fill of its class in the SLVP (over-riden to none, though it was solid WHITE before), none of it makes a difference. I can't figure out what is going on. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, but I don't see any other mentions here...

Just to be sure I didn't miss something TOOO obvious, I can change the text color of the callout to white in the attributes palette, and see it against the black background. The fill is still set to none, but it's clearly black. There is no other black fill visible in the viewport. It's not the default of any of the related classes... changing the fill to anything still leaves it black.

I can open and close the file, doesn't matter. I can restart VW to no effect. Haven't tried a reboot yet... Callouts made elsewhere on that page (and file) suffer the same fate, even not in an SLVP. I've put in callouts on other days that worked, and that are still fine.


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I don't think it could be the class, since I can change the fill to non-class-related fills... And I can change the class of the callout to no effect. I've since rebooted to no effect. I've tried different line styles and weights for the pen, but since I can change the text to white and see it against the black background as expected, I didn't expect that would do anything.

It is an "old file" problem", this file was started in 2009 (ooops: 2008). I don't see it happening in newly started files.


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