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Sorry to bother you, but i have a major issue.

I have a Graphic which needs to be applied i.e a image onto sphere

which is going to large and printed,,,, the sphere will be produced in 8 parts I have the dims and cad file per panel

I have been looking for software in which I can apply the graphic onto the sphere i.e image mapping the image to the contour of the sphere and then export the file.

is this possible in Vectorworks

can anybody help me and advise asap as I think Vectorworks is what I need


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Per wikipedia:

"A gore is a segment of a three-dimensional shape fabricated from a two-dimensional material.[1] The term was originally used to describe triangular shapes, but is now extended to any shape that can be used to create the third dimension."

There's a kool Photoshop Plug-in called "Flexify" that maps images to segments.

The problem comes with the translation to 3D. VW can map images to NURBS surface gores , but the images are distorted by the curvature.


1) create the 8 image gores in PS using Flexify 2

2) export the image file for each of the 8 gores

3) Use the gore images as textures 1-8 in VW

4) Map those textures to the NURBS surfaces being careful to maintain proportionality.

Getting the image > gores >map > NURBS curved surface is very challenging.

Here's a quick test of the concept:

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islandmoon how do you create this nurbs sphere slices?

Requires 3 NURBS arcs : 2@90?, 1@45?

1@ Y ( Sideview= 90? arc ) > Topview Z = 0?

1@Y ( Sideview= 90? arc )> Topview Z rotated= 45? = gore segment angle

1@ Z ( Topview )= 45?= hemisphere gore segment angle


Loft 2 rails = Y arcs


1 profile= Z arc

viola !

one gore = 45? NURBS surface

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