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hmmmmm, a couple of questions.


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Hi, I just opened and tried to install the new Designer 2010 as delivered to me today via Fedex. I get the error "You have entered an invalid serial number. Please re-enter." Well, I did that - about 5 or 6 times - from the serial number on the sticker on the dvd case. No luck. Any clues? I tried repeatedly to call the Nem... in MD, USA and they are closed for the weekend, even though they were still open when I began calling.

Additionally, I paid for the professional full software with my own card and name as an upgrade to an existing academic account and the invoice says "Sold to: (the company address I had it shipped to - not me or my name)"

My confidence in the Nem... might be fading a little. Not a helpful start out with the VW. Is this a regular kind of expectation?

Any inside tips necessary on how, in the US, I might pursue to straighten this out. I admit I am peeved as I planned to spend the weekend digging into the program, the Pickup book I bought with it, and enjoying a change from Revit.

Many thanks

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Why does NNA use 0 and o because it is a real pain and if they do want to use them then they should make it easier to read which is 0 and which 0 sorry o!

It is the same with the z and the 2.

NNA does not use the letters o or i (either lowercase or capital) in serial numbers . They only use the number 0 or 1.

This has been the case since at least VW11, probably long before then.

I have not ever heard anyone complain about Z and 2 before, but I can see that as an issue also. NNA does use both Z and 2 in serial numbers.

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Hello Pat, here are the first 6: A5MUSZ. Thanks very much for the assistance.

A means a professional license

5 means VW2010

M means Macintosh

US means US

Z means nothing.

So if you are on a Mac, it should be a valid serial number.

I thought that VW wans't platform dependand anymore?

So this means that when I swithc platform, I need another license number?

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I thought that VW wans't platform dependand anymore?

So this means that when I swithc platform, I need another license number?

At least in the US A series licenses are platform specific. You can switch platforms at any version upgrade for no additional cost. They do not typically allow platform switches except at version upgrades.

B series licenses (dongled) in the US are cross platform and can be installed on as many machines as you like, but will only run on the machine with the dongle plugged in.

I don't know what the policies/regulations are outside the US.


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