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Add Sheet Name to title block automatically

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That depends on the title block: mine (optionally) does. The layer name is available as a ?variable?.

If the title block is a symbol, one needs to run a Command; if an object, it does it automatically.

A very good question, by the way: I have to see if I can get my title block to check what scales the viewports of each sheet layer have.

Meanwhile: a viewport cannot be made to automatically show its name and scale. With a Menu Command and a custom object that is possible, but this is not acceptable.

(Here I use the word ?acceptable? in the sense Nero Wolfe has chosen to use it, no more, no less.)

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Petri is only partially correct, as usual. This was true prior to 2010.

2010 DOES provide this new functionality. It is called Automatic Drawing Coordination. This new functionality allows the user to use Sheet Layer Numbers and Titles, Viewport Name and Drawing Title, the Sheet Border/Title Block object, Section Line/Section Viewport indicators and Drawing Label object to create links between models (Top/Plan View) in Design Layers and Section Viewports on Sheet Layers.

Some new elements have been added to make this possible. New data fields "Sheet Number" (Sheet Layers) and "Drawing Number" (Viewports) have been added. The Drawing Label has been made more intelligent, so when it is placed in the Annotation Space of a Viewport, the user has the option of applying the Viewport data and have it reflected in the Label, the Section indicator in the plan. It also "knows" which Sheet Layer it is on and updates, in all locations necessary, when moved to a new Sheet Layer.

This is probably one of the most significant improvements to VW that impacts so many users' daily project workflows.

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Has anyone figured out a way to get a second line with the automatic sheet title... the help documentation says to use the suffix _SD#

I did this and it shows more space in the issue manager, but whatever I type in the additional lines does not show up once I hit ok, and is erased if I re-enter the issue manager.

is this a bug?

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ya what you said... I see the extra pound you added to the record (sheettitle_SD##) allows multi lines, but any edits thru the issue manager or the sheet edit menu do not automatically update the title block anymore.... so close... yet not working...

I'm assuming it must have worked, or at least was intended to work if it is in the help documentation... oh well.. perhaps someday

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