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Install 2010 alongside or over 2009?

Andrew Davies


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Would it be sensible, or even possible to install 2010 alongside 2009 ? Just in case any of my existing 2009 files don't open correctly.

It would, indeed.

In my line of business ? architecture, urban design and facilities planning & management ??it is mission-critical that projects are moved from one software version to another one in a controlled and managed way, including Plan B, Plan C and the fallback option.

Now, unlike with McMansions, my jobs can easily require five years from inception to even permit applications. I keep a couple of old PowerPC Macs running ancient versions of various software just to be safe, not sorry. While most software companies, including NNA, do a very good job as comes to conversions, you never know.

As comes to the managed transition: on the Mac you can determine which applicable program opens the files.

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Andrew, I currently have 2008, 2009 & 2010 installed and often (lately) run the last two at the same time. No real problems. Things can get bogged down at times, but I think that's more of an issue with RAM (or lack thereof) and the fact that I am running a three year old machine (a dinosaur in the digital age!). As long as you own all the licenses, and as long as the software and hardware are compatible then there is no limit I am aware of.

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