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How to make a coloured polygon the top layer over a hatch ?

Viper x

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Hard to explain this..............

But I am filling decking on a plan with coloured polygons.

Most are fine and the coloured poly goes over the existing hatched detail on the drawing.

Trouble is about 6 sections of deck seem to have been created in a different way than the rest and when I make the poly and then fill it, it dissapears behind the hatch and I cannot move it forward or the hatch back, no matter what I do the coloured poly is hidden behind the hatch block.

I can put these hatched blocks into a new class and turn them off and the coloured polys show up fine but they look different to nunerous other sections of the drawings as they have both the black line work of the original hatch combined with the new coloured poly, quite different.

The sections that dont work are in a different class than the ones that work, even when I put them in the same class it does not fix the problem ?

Any ideas please ?

Both types are created as symbols the ones that work are just black crossed lines whereas the ones that I am having problems with seem to be have with fill in them.

Found the problem the troubled symbols were created with white fill in Them !!!! I edited the symbol and removed the fill.


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