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Pen Plotters and Hiding Unwanted Text

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I plot to an old HP Draftmaster II pen plotter.

Trying to hide unwanted text, as in VW's title blocks, by covering them with a polygon

with line width set to zero does not work. It looks fine on screen but everything behind is plotted. Does anyone know of a workaround, or is there some other way of getting rid of the unused text lines in the title block?


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Assuming you have a reason to keep the "unwanted" text and lines in your file (versus just deleting them for good) - Try setting the class of those items to "non-plot" and then make sure the "Non-Plot" class is set to invisible at the time you send file to the plotter.

Shameless plug...<g> Lots of good tips like this can be found in "The Worksbook Architect Companion" to be published soon by "Improbability Press". Go http://www.improbability.com for more info.


Leslie Sigal Javorek



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I am talking about the unused lines of text in the standard VW border title blocks, such as project title, design firm address, consultant, etc. These are plugins and can only be edited from the object info pallet. If you delete the unused and unneeded lines of text from the object info pallet a small square will plot in their place. You can ungroup the border but then you lose the ability to edit with the object info pallet. The way it is now you either have to have a long enough project title, enough address lines, consultants, etc, to fill in all the lines, or have little ugly squares, or ungroup and lose the plugin.

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