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Spotlight stability across VW version?


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I have had trouble in the past with Spotlight, particularly exporting accessories.

But I got a Spotlight plot the other day from the venue that was created on VW2008, backsaved to VW11, then opened in VW12. It was missing control points for color and purpose, making it pretty much useless. After I added my show's information, I sent the file back to the venue. They opened it in 2008 and found no problem. Then I up-saved it myself using 2008, then backsaved to 12, and for some reason this worked and I could use it.

Was it the shifting between VW versions that's the problem?

If anyone has suggestions for how to keep Spotlight plots more stable, I would appreciate hearing them.

VW12 and VW2008 on Windows Vista


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So in the current set up with a new version every year what are we to do. My theatre was barely able to upgrade to 2009 how are we to work with designers who are running 08, 10 and in the future 2011 if we stand a go chance of losing data when we pass files between versions?

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Hi Gregory, I suspect any software would experience similar issues in version compatibility. It's important for these companies to show constant improvement such as bug fixes and added features, faster processes, which in turn makes our jobs better. If I were in your shoes, I'd have a heart to heart conversation with your board of directors, share your experience with them, and get a line item in the budget for software upgrades. I don't know your circumstance; you may be in a community theatre which is largely funded by donations. The world does move on, however, and if your goal is to be able to interact in an effective manner, then current and updated software is a must.

Peace, and best of luck,

Tim Olson

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