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2010 - 3d Dimensioning

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J Lucas:

>Off the original topic a bit, but what do you all make of this?:

>Siemens & Spaceclaim

>Siemens Synchronous Technology

[the following is from a draft of my next Convert to Lines newsletter. Comments to explore this topic welcome]

Can we see Vwks? future? VectorWorks 2010 encompasses several features which seem to point the way. They are:

?Unified View

?3D snapping and working plane graphics

?Planar graphics (which might yield associative 3D text and dimensions eventually)

?Parametric constraints (locking relationships between various components)

?Wall sculpting

The decision by NNA to invest in Siemen?s Parasolid kernal could eventually extend the push-pull methods of Siemen?s Synchronous Technology into VectorWorks and thus bring forth a massive improvement to the user experience.

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One thing I just hit upon in 2009 and wondered if it has been changed in 2010 is when drawing a volume/3D object, the top/plan view automatically changes to top view any usefull (2D, DLVP) info is therefore invisible, meaning that a lot of potentially relevant snap points are not accessible, has this been changed in 2010? ( I know there are work arounds... :) )

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Vincent one of the big improvements in Vw 2010 is the 3D snapping. Locating and snapping to 3D points is now as easy as it is with 2D objects in Top Plan View. Add to this the ease with which Working Planes can now be set and working in 3D is a pleasure.

There are some movies on Unified View which shows the 3D snapping:

- NNA New Unified 2D/3D Environment: http://www.nemetschek.net/library/index.php?movie=2010movies

- ArchonCAD 092 Unified View: http://www.youtube.com/user/archoncad#play/uploads/9/y7SqrkrUlIA

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