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Controlling Wall Joins


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I am new to the Community Board as this is my first post. I have been using Vectorworks 2009 for about 6 months and, of course am still learning.

I am currently working on a project as an exercise to get to know Vectorworks better and am having a problem trying to determine how to control a wall join. I have two walls of different heights joining together on a 45 degree angle and cannot figure out how to control the wall join. I would like the wall join to be at a 90 degree angle to the shorter wall, but it always creates at a 90 degree angle to the other wall. How can I control this?


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I actually found a work-around for it that appears to work. If when I create the tall wall (the one at the 45 degree angle) I add a very small 45 degree corner wall segment at the end of it, this then gives me my perpendicular wall joint to the shorter wall. Not sure why I didn't think of this before, but as I said I am fairly new to this.

However, I think Nemetschek needs to think about giving more flexibility to adjusting wall join angles to make this a simpler task. I did have to go back and recreate both walls to get this to work the way I wanted. I had six windows which I had to re-insert.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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I have been struggling with this also, I find it painful when modeling masonry and pre-cast to have mitered walls everywhere, especially when angles need to be introduced to individual masonary leaves.

I have found the following to solve the problem:

1. Where a mitre joint exists, in plan view, right-click on each wall in turn and select "Remove Break" from the menu. It seems necessary to sometimes actually right-click the wall length constraint handle (little coloured square) to make this happen.

2. The mitre will be removed and the wall will be uncapped, with the wall length equal to the centre of the mitre (as opposed to the inside or outside edge).

3. Cap both walls as required. You will now have two walls capped at the join end, slightly overlapping and not quite long enough.

4. Either: a. Use the T-joint wall join tool, NOT THE CORNER JOINT TOOL (instant mitre joint after all the above stuffing around), or; b. Manually lengthen the wall using the length constraint handle.

If anyone needs pics, let me know and I'll do my best to put some up showing the above.

I am guessing that the problem with this method will show up in rendering, I assume mitre joints are used on wall so render textures meet nicely.

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If you don't want mitred joints at changes of wall direction then the easiest way to achieve this is to turn off the Vw preference for Auto Join Walls and then draw each wall unit individually. ie one click to start each length and a double click to finish it.

You could also use the precision input method for each wall length. To bring up the dialog box double click on the Wall tool icon.

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