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HP 450 Nightmare


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We are a distributor of HP plotters. A customer is unable to use his HP450 with Vecorworks on Windows. The printout takes between 1-6 hours from smal files.


1. In Vectorworks able to write trough a standard HP450 printer driver?

2. Is ther alternatives. The customer is not goint to accept solutions like print to PDF.

Macplot? HPGL?

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In version 8.x.x of VW we support accurate pattern scaling on Windows. This means that when the user prints an object with a pattern fill or a pattern frame, they get a pattern that is scaled to look like what they see on the screen. In previous versions we did not scale. When you looked at the pattern on a 96x96 dpi CRT it looked big, when you printed it to a 600x600 dpi printer it turned into more of a gray color than a pattern. Windows does not handle large patterns well so we have to do it ourselves and this is why you get the large/slow file. In VW 9.0 we added a check box for the user to turn off this feature. If the user is using patterns I would bet that is the reason things are slow. Bitmaps are another area that can slow prints down.


Robert McBride

Software Engineer

Nemetschek N.A. Inc


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