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Originally posted by MikeB:

Make sure your object has a solid fill.


Thank you, that worked well. One more question if you can. I cannot find any information on how to create custom textures. I have pictures that I need to use as textures and have tried importing them into a drawing and creating them as symbols but it does not work and the manual does not tell me.

Do you know how to do this?



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I do have Renderworks. How do I create custom texture and do you know why there is nothing in the manuals about it. Is there a special manual for Renderworks itself?




Originally posted by Brian O:

Without RenderWorks the only way to use images in VectorWorks is as a 2D object.

I can't speak for MikeB, but I have seen several pieces of his work and it is outstanding. His firm uses RenderWorks and PhotoShop to create some very nice pieces.

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Originally posted by lalcaraz:

I am working in a 3D drawing and when I try to apply textures they will not display when rendered. If I try the exact same actions on a 3D object in a new file, it works perfectly.

Any ideas

I am also having problems rendering after installation of VW9.01. Unable to get Renderworks to work with 9.01. I am using a PC700 with 256M memory. It worked with 9.0.

What could be the problem. I tried uninstalling and re-install and still did not work.

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If you have Renderworks installed properly you need to open your resources palette

Hit new

Select texture

You should get the texture creation dialogue box. If you don't, you don't have Renderworks installed properly. I use a windows machine at home and I have to say the installation procedure is a little confusing. You need to make sure you install Renderworks inside your VW9 folder for all the pieces to be put in the right place for Renderworks to operate. Also install the newest versions of QuickTime (from Apple) and Open GL (on the VW installation disk as a seperate installation)

Also when you launch VW you should see the phrase "RENDERWORKS INSTALLED" on the splash screen

You should have gotten a manual with Renderworks, if not call your distributor and have them send you one. I think there is a PDF copy of the manual on the installation disk, if not I know theres one somewhere on the NNA site.

R Wiggley Jones

What exactly is it not doing. Is the "Final Renderworks" mode available or greyed out. Do you have the option to creat new textures. Again be sure you have Renderworks installed properly.

Good Luck

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