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My Wish List for VW2011




1. I think any program that claims to be BIM should have window schedules linked to the model. Something like the video below.


2. Wall components should be shown in any view, 2D and 3D. See video below (after 3).

3. 3D Hatches. See video below.


4. Better engineering tools. Including 3D.

5. Multi Core support.

6. Native 64-bit support.

7. Real intelligent objects. If one object changes, then others should be intelligent enough to Adapt. See video below.


8. OpenGL should be default when changing from 2D Plan view to any 3D view. Also more stable OpenGL therefore one can work in an OpenGL rendered view at all times.


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Agreed on the native 64 bit support. When it's all about big math!

Windows supports multi-core but hyperthreading seems to be a redundant feature with VW2009 - the "cores" remain parked and lifeless.

Rendering - Why is it so slow? My AutoCAD friends seem to have a much smoother and quicker journey through equivalent 3D objects while experiencing good quality render, using machines with way less grunt and RAM.

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One of many wishes for 2011

Better 2D and 3D integration.

The 2D Polygon, 3D Polygon, Extruded Polygon, Extruded Rectangle, Mesh Circle, etc... should disappear, just like the old Rotated Rectangle disappeared. They should be integrated into their 2D counterparts.

For instance:

Draw a polygon, type in its height in the Object info and the result is an extruded Polygon.

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With Floors it does not, but with extrusions the situation is a lot more complicated, since they may be rotated into any 3D-system/orientation. What & how would one need to see?

Whether the overall approach (a 2D-poly & a 3D-transformation of it ? extrusion, multiple extrusion & sweep, also Extrude Along Path etc) is appropriate or not, is a really big question.

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It does, but only in 2D/3D dicotomy. You can't change the 3D in 2D or vice versa.

If you have an extrusion, created in a particular view, how would the ?show others? relate to the current view when the extrusion has been rotated?


Think of the 2D-part of an extrusion (etc) as an equivalent to the 2D-component of a symbol!

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Interesting comment. I actually use it for page layout all the time, but only b/c I am most familiar with it (as opposed to other dedicate page layout programs) and can get the results I'm after fairly easily...

But you're right. Another flaw in VW's as a page layout program is non-wysiwyg test editing. A bit too much guess work and fiddling needed (and this applies to architectural, etc. work as well!). A huge and long-standing wishlist item!

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Maybe it's been fixed already, but here it is anyway.

When a dialog box pops up, like "The Move By Points tool works on selected objects only. None are currently selected."

How about adding: "Click OK to select objects," and also adding a Cancel button?

Or when you've got a, "This tool requires plan view in Stack layers mode" warning, turning it into a popup with options like, "select plan view," "unstack layers," and Cancel?

I already know that the program isn't doing what I want.

Is it to much to ask, that the program offer meaningful options along with error trapping?

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- Section Viewports with a non vertical section plane


You can already create section viewports with a variety of section planes. While on a sheet layer, select a viewport and choose Create Section Viewport from the View menu. Depending on the view of the original viewport and the direction of the section line you can get almost any section you need.

Realizing you can create section viewports from other viewports was a great discovery for me. Hopefully it helps you too.


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