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Hatch Display and printing problems


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What is going one with my hatches. For some reason the file am working in does not display or print hatches properly. The hatch lines are broken up and do not make the correct pattern. I can paste the exact same object in to a new file and the hatch displays properly.

Any thoughts? Please Help.


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Does it do this when exporting to pdf then printing from the pdf?

I've got a similar issue which appears to be a printer driver issue as it display fine when exported to pdf but still prints hatches odd.

I have not resolved it yet, but it came around the time I got an update from HP...

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I have had this problem as well. In my case it seemed to be a quartz imaging / antialiasing issue. Hatch would show up on my screen but it was kind of grayed out and it would not print. Another symptom was rotated text showed up gray.

In Vectorworks preferences / Display turn on quartz imaging and antialiasing and see if that helps. I have found that sometimes it just needs to be toggled off and on to clear up problems like this. It seems to be different between computers too.

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Can someone tell me the easiest way to post images and i will post come screen shots.

It's not just that the hatch does not print right, it looks corrupted on the screen (broken, jumbled up) and does not look as it should. And it prints as it is being shown on the screen.

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