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Great program

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Yes, I love VW...its better then some very spendy CAD programs... I use a MAC G4 350Mhz 500+RAM, So HAH! tongue.gif

By the way, I know some of you, including Wintel users, are havein some problems, Some are program related, but I'll bet there are a few out there who have'nt 'bumped' up the memory. You must do this, because the default just isnt enough. Peace wink.gif

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Yes VW is Excellent. I use a G4 733 at work and a PC 800 at home. I have some printing issues but considering our printer drivers for our mac's are 4 years old it dosent suprise me. I've been a MiniCad/Vectorworks user for 4 years, a convert from ACAD. I'd never switch back given the choice.

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