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Vectorwork - exporting

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I run Vectorworks 8 on a Mac network.

I am experiencing problems exporting certain Vectorworks drawings. Some drawings refuse to export as an imaage file of any kind, some refuse to export as a TIFF but will export as for example a jpeg or bmp and some refuse to export at all either as an image or dwg/dxf.

Other drawings created on the same Mac at the same time export in any manner without any problems.

I have tried exporting after opening the drawing from my hard drive and also opening from within the application - makes no difference.

I have tried carrying this out on another Mac - no difference.

I have checked that all Quicktime 3D extensions are on.

Does anyone have any idea how to rectify this?

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Make sure you have updated with the latest free update (8.5.2). If you have 8.5.2 and have DXF export problems you can mail the files to me at jodawi@nemetschek.net to look at. Image export I don't know about.

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I regularly have problems exporting image files and am very glad to hear that I am not alone.

Some times images have random boundaries, unrelated to the page set-up or the objects (that I can find). Worse, sometimes objects are missing or distorted. This happens in around 10-20% of my exported images and both on iMacs and G4's. I have tried updating my Quicktime to v5. This seemed to make things a little better.

While I haven't been able to solve the issue one of the problems is often memory. Exporting TIFFS, JPEGS and EPS (the formats I need) usually needs around ten times the size of the final image size.

Is NNA aware of these problems?

Set-up: VW8.5.2 on OS 9.0.4 on a Mac network.

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