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VW2008 and Snow Leopard

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(I still think his 'pissy' remarks show a severe lack of respect for others. I suppose civility is too much to ask for from some.)

Anyway, I just installed SL on my MacBook Air. I'll let everyone know if I encounter any problems. It did free up over 8 GB of space, so I'm very happy about that.

Of course, I'll reiterate that my main computer running VectorWorks 2008 is still running Leopard and I will be upgrading to 2010 when it comes out.


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I did some simple work doing some assignment sheets for my students. It was an example of how to do a plan, section, elevation and axon. Didn't have any problems with layout, drawing, layers or anything else.

Looks like Snow Leopard also corrects a problem with Spaces. I assign VectorWorks to always be in Space 2. When I change to VectorWorks through the Dock icon or through the Command-Tab keys, it brings VectorWorks up in whatever space I am in, but not the window of the project which remains in Space 2. Snow Leopard allows it to work properly.

Other than that, nothing to report.

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Sky I've had a user report that autosaving of a backup copy isn't working - ie that it isn't actually saving the backup copy and if a crash occurs the backup file is as it was when the last close and save was done. (I haven't been able to verify this because the user is 160 miles away).

It might be worth testing to see whether the backup copy is being updated - you will need to force quit Vw after an automatic save has occurred to bypass the normal close save routine.

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In recent VW versions there have been few compelling reasons to upgrade. The annual cycle does not appear to bring significant benefits for users.

However, in two years the benefits are more pronounced. Skipping two upgrades makes the learning curve a lot steeper ? and the same applies to the cost.

I agree.

I skipped VW2009. It's the FIRST version I've skipped since MiniCAD 2! The 18 month to 2 year upgrade cycle works better for users. If the file format didn't change with EVERY version, it would help. I have clients using versions from VW10 to VW2008. None I know upgraded to 2009.

Nemetschek seems to be far more interested in profit than helping users at this point, which is a real shame. I'd rather they fix long-time, nagging bugs and update ancient tools rather than fill VW with superfluous features and bloat. The AutoCAD-esque annual upgrades end up being both disruptive AND expensive... and benefit only Nemetschek.

When I complained to my sales rep, he said the annual upgrades were cheaper.

For me VW12 Designer to VW2008D $680. VW2008D to VW2009D $580. How is that cheaper if it's yearly? Especially when it takes them months to iron out new version bugs. Interesting math.

I miss the friendliness of Diehl Graphsoft.

I haven't ordered 2010 yet, but plan to soon. If VW2008 can't be run reliably under Snow Leopard (the SL upgrade disk is sitting in front of me) it'll probably force me to upgrade to VW2010. I'll install SL on a spare hard drive and see how VW2008 runs before committing to it.

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The annual upgrade cycle was brought in to benefit CAD managers and corporate users.

The goal is to facilitate yearly budgets and at least in the US allow the entire cost of the software to be depreciated or written off every year for tax purposes.

It's part and parcel of a shift that was announced some time ago:


Personally, not keeping on the yearly upgrade cycle with Autodesk and facing a full price purchase was the reason I looked at Vectorworks in the first place.

When I face a full price upgrade with Vectorworks, I'll certainly be looking hard at competing products.

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When I face a full price upgrade with Vectorworks, I'll certainly be looking hard at competing products.

Oh, please do!

Increasingly, VW users are professionals & corporations who either make a living or not. Their expenses are tax-deductible. Your monthly allowance from Mother Brudgers isn't, so you're sore. One of these days, she'll be forced to sell her Trailer to pay for your toys.

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Did you reinstall the dongle drivers after the update?

Dig out the VW2008 install DVD, remove the dongle and install the dongle drivers. After the driver installation, you can plug the dongle back in.

Also check out


about updating the dongle drivers.

Remember, although 2008 seems to work on Snow Leopard, it is not officially supported.

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