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2 Part Section Viewport Line


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Just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to make a 2 part section viewport line. I have a bank of cabinets that (in plan) are horizontal for the first 4 feet or so, then taper at an angle for the rest of the run to the wall. I would like to make a section viewport in the same configuration so that the viewport shows all cabinets looking straight on....not at an angle for part of the run of cabinets.



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You have to do it as two section viewports. Section lines can step at 90? angles, but I don't think they can "bend" at other angles.

The way I usually do it is this:

1. Draw a line (this is a guide line that you will throw away later) along the face of the flat bank of cabinets and another line along the face of the tapered cabinets.

2. Using the Offset Tool, offset them 3" (or whatever you want) away from the cabinets.

3. View>Create Section Viewport... Draw a section line that is exactly endpoint to end point of the flat line. Repeat for the tapered line. The sections will be created on a sheet layer.

4. For each viewport click Advanced Properties from the OIP. Select "Limited by Section Line Length." Height and Depth ranges can be whatever you need.

5. Update the viewports.

6. Move the two viewports together.

7. Delete the original guide lines.

The only reason for the guide lines is that offset tool won't work on Section Lines.



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