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Jonathan Pickup

Vectorworks Interview

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I think this is a good point , those manuals are about 50% too pricy in my opinion. I'm sure they are great, but they are expensive compared to other manuals I have come across.

It's worth a thought that perhaps twice as many people would buy them if they were 50% cheaper and therefor the author would earn the same.

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So David & Pepsi-Cola - this means you don't value your time!?

A comment about price is an example of not understanding value for money..

What is your time worth? If you invest $100 in yourself or your education and it increases your income or just saves you 1 hour, you get a huge pay back very quickly.

I'm sure as a designer you want more dollars for your work than less.

Manuals are an important investment and should really be charged at $1000 - not the tiny amount paid for the work the author gets, so that you can be more productive :-)

I don't write manuals - although I have in the past and it irks me that people don't value them as they should.



Vectorworks Designer 2009

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I encourage you to try one of Jonathan's manuals. His prices seem very reasonable to me.

I think you will find they would still be cheap at twice the price. (Jonathan: You can double your prices! :o)


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Jonathan obviously is quite knowledgable.

However, I found his Architect 2008 manual very much lacking in depth compared to Aubin's manuals for AutoDesk products.

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I have some of his manuals, and his short sharp training downloads which I take to read on planes, rather than some fiction novel. His stuff keeps the idea of me ever being good on VW out of the realm of fiction!

When I started VW, I bought nearly every manual I could. Of course, nothing replaces jumping right in, but even now, reading them whenever I have the chance allows me to find out little tricks and tips I didn't know before.

If you expect any manual to replace hands on experience, you are probably going to be disappointed. If you go in with the idea of learning just a few new tricks, they are great. If you bill $200 per hour and it saves you an hour here or there, it pays for itself very quickly.

I am a fan, as you can tell!

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Don't listen to these people!

Don't raise your prices.

Lower them. :)

Actually, I have a copy of the 12 manual and like it very much. I especially enjoy the little videos, with Jonathan's narration, which are very entertaining.

At this time I'm not employed using VW (for which the industry can be very thankful), so I don't need the books for my job, but I like to read anything on the subject.

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What Vectorworks needs is a "Vectorversity" forum, sponsored by N.N.A., equivalent to the Maxon sponsored Cineversity where tutors like Jonathan can pool and build a subscription based video resource.

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Everyone's probably being a little cautious with the purse strings right now. This is one of the aspects that makes the Cineversity model so compelling, it's FREE!

It's free to become a member and get access to a vast array of tutorials that cover most aspect of using Cinema 4D. Where the subscription model steps in is with a second tier of tutorials that delve into advanced use and techniques. You don't need to subscribe until you're looking to move to that level.

Adopting the "Cineversity" model would provide potential switchers with pre-purchase confidence and make learning the software blisteringly fast. It would also provides trainers like Jonathan an interactive forum to collectively spruik their wares and respond to user requests. I know Jonathan is already doing much of this but IMHO it would be more effective for everyone to have all the resources and skills floating around the Vectorworks community pooled into a single place.

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