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Is it possible to display window & door IDs in elevations?

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Up until now we'd been drawing our projects in 2D, but I'd assumed that this functionality was a given -- after all, the data is there, attached to the PIOs, and coordination between plan views and elevation views is one of the key ways in which BIM functionality would really make the chore of constructing a 3D model worthwhile... is it truly not implemented yet? Seems kinda pathetic.

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It's been said many times before, but this omission again appears to show that NV don't have enough practising architects on their staff or in their beta programme. You can't put a window in an elevation without a reference so how come we have to tell NV this in 2012?

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It costs 100 Aussie dollars....it ships with the Aussie version but needs to be bought separately for international users and I seem to recall someone stating it is not possible for US user to purchase it?!

There are mainly only positive things to say about WinDoor including excellent support, and instantaneous bug fixing and wish list implementation (within limits), (remember though there is a time-zone lag :) ).

The only thing that is slightly worse than the native tool are the lack of many settings in the OIP, meaning quick editing of numerous objects simultaneously is not so good, (there are however other ways of changing settings on multiple objects).

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OK, so you have a US version.

You call up Ozcad and say, "I want to buy your product."

And they says, "no thanks, we don't want to sell to you because you live here?"

Doesn't anyone else think this is weird business?

I would need to upgrade to the Australian version of VW to get Windoor, is the official word.

Question is, What if I don't want to upgrade to 2013? What if I can't afford to do so? So based purely on my geographical location, I am presently unable to expand on VW's window and door capability by purchasing WinDoor.



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