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Trying to work with imported dwg


Do people have much luck working with imported dwgs? I've imported a set (that I didn't create) and I'm finding it near impossible to do anything.

When I activate a layer, I'm unable to edit any of the existing geometry. I can interact with the geometry but I can't select any of it.

New geometry isn't an issue.

Any advice on working with imported dwgs?

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Whenever I have to work with dwgs I always import them into a document, close it, then open a fresh document and reference the first document through a DLVP.

That way I can have access to the thousands classes w/o having to deal with them in my drawing. Unless I've worked with the person who created the dwg, I usually use the dwg just as it is or as a reference to draw on top of. I usually don't try to edit. It takes too long to clean up the classes and figure out the mapping used to translate all the pastel colored lines into useful line weights.

But if editing the dwg geometry is the best way to go, look in the OIP to see what the geometry (that you can't edit) is. I've noticed that sometimes geometry comes in as a group or symbol. If it's a group, you can edit "inside" the group or ungroup. If it's a symbol you can edit the symbol, or convert to group.



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OIP = Object Info Palette. When you select something on the drawing the top left corner of the OIP will tell you what kind of object you have. Like Line or Polyline or Wall or Window in Wall.

If you select 2 of the same kind of object it will say something like 2 Walls.

If you select 2 objects that are not the same kind of object, like a line and a rectangle, it will say 2 Objects.

DLVP = Design Layer ViewPort.

View>Create Viewport..>Create on Layer (select a design layer), Select Source>External Document > navigate to the document.

Then you can control the visibility of the classes and layers of the DLVP in its OIP. :)

Hope that doesn't confuse things more.


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