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Hi Dude,

I have problem with vector works options. while I am working with options (line, object selection, mirror etc) at the opening of 5 or 10 min it working very well after that when I was select the object it take some time to respond. at the moment I am doing ctrl+alt+delete and go to task manager an click end process, in this case I should close the software and again it will open. In this case I may lose some work (If i did not save). some times I am closing the software manually and open that. can any one help me Is there any options need to change or system settings etc. below I have given my system configuration.

SOftware - vectorworks 2008

My PC config - Asus mother board, Intel core 2 duel CPU E7300 @ 2.66ghz processor, 4GB Ram.

Please help me.



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Hello Nagesh,

On Win XP Pro I observe this daily when FIrefox is running as background application only (this is a Firefox bug). In this weird case you should be able to see in the Task Manager a Firefox process with about 40-50% CPU which shouldn't be there.

VW will be then obviously increasingly slow, crash easily.

Quit that spurious Firefox process and all is well again.

Another issue that I had in the past also under XP was some sort of graphic memory overflow occurring after a while, 10-15 minutes. It was affecting a powerful PC with a (at the time) huge NVIDIA card. Not understandable.

That couldn't be healed and only replacing the machine got rid of it.

That was an NVIDIA bug, I believe.

There might be many issues causing what you describe, though.

Try to trash all your preferences first and see what happens, you find them in your user's folder \nemetschek\Vectorworks\2008\settings.

But I don't think that VW is the problem, here. VW is just showing you a facet of some other trouble.


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Ray, do you think it could be his Service Pack 2?

I am running it on my Win XP machine without any problem.



XP Pro 2002, SP2

Intel Core Duo, 3.17 GHz, 2.25 RAM

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, 512 MB

Driver 1.5.2400.10 (which reminds me that I should update the driver).

Quicktime 7.5

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Hey Orso,

I am not sure is this your name, If not Sorry.

Thanks for your reply. I will check today. But one of my colleges worked without Firefox window open, but they have also same problem. Actually we have working with architectural buildings, I think we need not require for graphic card. At the moment I don't know which graphic card I need to use. Is this problem with my vector works? and also do you can suggest any best video lessons.

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Nagesh, please update to VW 88670 (the latest update of VW13).

Just go to the download page here in this site and update all VW licenses in your office to the last available build.

Can you please open up the Task Manager in Windows, identify the Process called "Vectorworks" and analyze what is behaving abnormally?

you might see the CPU going very high on move or pan.

Nagesh, by this problem, and considering that also other colleagues in your working environment experience it, it might be worth asking the help of Tech Support. You find a link here, top right.

They know all about these things, much better than we users.

I am sorry I couldn't really help you.


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Hey Orso,

At the moment I don't know which graphic card I need to use. Is this problem with my vector works? and also do you can suggest any best video lessons.

VW uses always the graphic card. There is a very good article at Knowledgebase

"Graphic Cards Recommendations for Vectorworks 9/24/2008"

You find it immediately as soon as you open the link on the top right: Knowledgebase


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