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I have an issue with my VW 2009 Designer With Renderworks, i have a MacBook With Leopard 2GB RAM and a 2.0Ghz.

I once install a VW licence in a network with a network dongle, and first I installed the License Manager Software in the server computer, after that we installed the VW program.

But in this case I have just one license with a dongle, so i just installed the VW program and then the dongle support drivers, i was able to see the red light in the dongle but when I tried to run VW it showed me a library error message.

I don?t know if I made a mistake in the installation steps, Should I have installed the license manager in the computer first and then the program???

Please I really need your help!!!


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The color of my dongle is purple and my serial number starts with a B.

What is my installation process since the first time I installed when I opened the software it gave me an error???

I try to install the software for the second time the same way i did it when i did it with the network license (red dongle) I installed dongle driver and license manager, but when I try to install the drivers after successfully uninstall them I can?t, it shows an error message.

What are the steps to make the installation successful???

What can I do to reinstall to dongle drivers successfully since it gives me an error message??? I already tried a new admin user...

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Someone is erasing and installing the operative system again, so I will start form the beginning.

Ok, i was reading the system requirements, I have leopard, I just don?t know what version. What version should I have??

And finally, what should I so first? Install the dongle driver and restart the computer and then install VW???

Please HELP!!!!!

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i did all of those steps!!!! Apparently the software installation was successful but when I try to launch VW an error window appears saying "The Vectorworks XML Library failed to load, and vectorworks cannot continue. Please Reinstall vectorworks."

Do you have any suggestions!!

I already reinstall the OS, and try installing with the OS version of the installation DVD that came with my computer, it did?t work!!!

Thanks for your post!!!

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It finally works!!!!

I don?t know if it was the version of my OS or that the format of the disk was Case Sensitive!!! When I saw that i just format with a Mac OSX Journaled format and install VW and everything?s OK!!!

But this time I also did the installation with a 10.5.6 version of the OSX instead of the 10.5 of the original DVD?s.

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I have a similar problem, except I updated my mac (10.7.4, lion, 2.6ghz Core i7),

and then vectorworks 2009 installed right up until the last point and then said, 'install failed, see install log.txt' - does anybody know why this is happening?

I don't have a choice but to use 2009 because that is what the company is running on.

Please help!

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