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importing .pdf


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I want to import a multi-page .pdf document, and be able to then arrange it as a series of single-page object files. But when I try to import a .pdf, I get this response:

'This Plug-in Object file is missing. Check to make sure it is in your "Plug-ins" folder.

I checked my plug-in folder, and found:



but have no idea what these are.

If I try to import a .pdf as an image file I only get the first page of the .pdf.

Any suggestions from the pros?



VW2008, macbook

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it's cripple-ware....

hardly a "design-only" function

there is no reason other than petty

marketing to disallow pdf importing

advertising disabilities like this

will only drive the lower end of

your market away to a more amenable

competitor, not what you need in a

competitive economy, or am i mis-

understanding modern business again

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