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rendering time

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It's me again, and I have another problem with a complicated museum I am modelling in 3D. Working in wireframe is great, but eventually you need to use openGL to see what it REALLY looks like. I have my DPI set to 50, my conversion rate is low, I'm using low quality, and have all the settings set to as low and as fast as they get. It is still taking me 5-10 minutes just to render one view! And I just got a brand new computer - the Mac. G5! I can't imagine how long this will take once I use Renderworks [Frown] Any suggestions?? Will adding solids together make things go faster? I haven't even finished half of the the detailing and haven't started renderworks........

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Unfortunately, I don't think I can email you the file. I tried emailing a file that was a lot smaller than this and it didn't work. I will talk to my supervisor about compressing the file and maybe we can send it then.

There are a lot of polylines because I have crown mouldings and chair rails. I have also made my own columns and there is a dome ceiling and a groin vault ceiling (which I used spheres and extruded archs to create).

Is there a more efficient way of doing this? (If this was just for space planning, I could simplify the details, but my boss wants this to be a photo realistic presentation drawing.)

Thank you for your time and help!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Tasfire:

OpenGL mode would be slow if there are a ton of vertices and/or polygons. Look for excessive vertices in things like polylines that make up extrudes and sweeps. One file I have seen that was slow with OpenGL had extruded polylines that had over 500 vertices each. Usually the details can be modeled more efficiently to regain some speed. Is this geometry very polygon-heavy?

If you can, email me a compressed copy at dave@nemetschek.net and I will look at it for more ideas.

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