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scaling objects from resource browser

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The objects/symbols in the resource browser are way too small. How do I correct this. I see that in paper space it is at the correct scale but not in model space. I tried editing the symbol by changing the scale but it changes the scale of the entire drawing. Thanks!

I have Vectorworks Architect 2009 SP4, Mac OSX 10.5

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SORRY,sheet layer vs. design layer (switched from Autocad and happier ;-)). When dragged from the resource browser in the design layer, the symbol is to small (just a dot, unless I really zoom in). It is the switch symbol for a light from the resource browser. The symbol is closer to the correct size when inserted on the sheet layer, not in the viewport.

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It sounds like you have symbols that were designed for a layer at a 1:1 scale and you are trying to put them into a layer a 1:48 (1/4 inch) or something,

You might need to edit the symbols so you have different sets for different scale. Option Click on the symbol in the resource browser to edit it.

Or use some of the Plug-In objects instead that will automatically resize based on the scale of the layer they are on.

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I'll take the bet that the symbols are correct and all you're seeing is the scale difference between Sheet Layers and one of the Design Layers, or rather a zoom difference.

Sheet layers are always 1:1 - drop a 3" symbol on there and it will print out 3".

The Design layers can have any scale (right click on a design layer to explore 'active layer scale") - and when you drop your symbol on there it could well look tiny depending on your zoom factor at the time. Try measuring it with the dimension tool, or in top-plan view look at the rulers.

In my opinion it's best not to draw on the sheet layer but do all your drawing/ modeling on design layers and then create a viewport which will then reside on the sheet layer. You can set the scale of the viewport to whatever you like, even 1:1

so who's on?

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Vectorworks symbols are less flexible than autocad blocks because they cannot be scaled.

This makes them less than ideal for annotations.

The vectorworks model expects users to write their own Plug-in objects for annotation or hire an expert to do so...unless of course they want to develop and maintain a large collection of symbols for each likely scale.

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A symbol will scale in a viewport - either as an annotation or as a resident of a design layer.

Text that is part of the symbol also scales however - and this can render it useless. Now if we could have symbol-text not scale in the same way that viewport-annotation-text doesn't then all would be well.

(if of course I'm not missing the point)

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