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Snap issues


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I am having an issue with snaps not working between design layers. I have my layer options set to show/snap others but I can only snap to an actual object or a viewport representation.

I have a border layer referenced into a design layer named border. I have another layer set to see and snap to the border. All the classes from the border file are present in this drawing. I am still unable to snap. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't depending on the drawing.

All my snap settings are turned on. I can snap to other objects that are on other layers in this drawing just not the border.

Some files it works and some files it doesn't. I have compared settings between files and everything is the same as far as I can tell.

These little annoyances are driving me crazy! Things work one minute then they stop working out of blue.

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Another problem that may be related is now I am unable to select viewports or objects. I had just selected a viewport on a sheet layer without any trouble. I changed its layer. I went to select another viewport and was unable to select anything on the sheet.

After doing a force select everything returned to normal.

What is going on?

I shut down my computer and took a break before restarting it. Maybe the server needs to be rebooted too?

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WTH!?!? Now I have to force select to select anything and snaps work on some layers but not others!? This is nuts.

Could all this be a side effect of setting my VA project prefs to a project folder on the server? Everything seemed to go strange after I did that. There is nothing in this drawing that uses any of the project pref txt files though.

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Four things are required to snap between layers:

1. Layer Options set to Show/Snap Others or Better

2. Class Options set to Show/Snap Others or Better (unless objects are in same class)

3. Layers are set to the same scale

4. Layers are set to the same view (Top/Plan, Front, etc.)

Are all of the above true?

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I have set layer and class options and I checked that they are all in top plan. I realize that different layer scales effected snaps but the layers I have been working with are both 1:1. Sometimes the snaps work and sometimes they don't. It seems to be something wrong with this set of files or the server.

I still can not select some things without using force select. If I try to force select a detail it will only select things on the class I selected. Everything else remains non selectable. After a few tries selecting items they will all become selectable. I don't know what the heck is going on.

I keep running into these strange issues with files and I end up having to start from scratch to fix them. This makes using a master plan set useless. I might as well set up every set of drawings from scratch.

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Yes they are in top/plan view.

While I was writing my last post I was trying a few different things with this drawing and now everything seems to be working fine. I don't know what the hell is going on. The one sheet where this first popped up had some elements that were copied from an older VW12.5 drawing. I am pretty sure I didn't convert the entire file from 12.5 to 2009 but I can't say for sure.

Now I am able to select everything normally when 20 minutes ago I couldn't.

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