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Printing/plotting problem in VW2008 Spotlight

P West

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When I print Spotlight light plot drawings, including legacy VW12.5 files, in VW2008 (Win XP), I get a strange printing problem. I use two printers: an HP DesignJet plotter and Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. When I print to the HP plotter, VectorWorks crashes and exits. When I print to Acrobat, I get a text error message "prohibitedfont". No .pdf file gets created but VW doesn't crash.

I traced the problem to one of the fonts I've always used in VW12.5 - Din 1451 Mittelschrift. It's a truetype font that never caused problems before. When I replace every instance of the font with something common (like Arial), everything works fine. I experimented more. Some other non-Microsoft fonts cause the same printing/crash problem.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas for a workaround/fix? I really like the Din font because it's super easy to read, and would like to keep using it.

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