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Label legend problems

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First of all...let me say how great it is that VW has this community board as a resource. In all my years of using VW, this is only the second or third time I've had to use this board. This is a new issue I've never seen before.

I'm using VW 2009 SP4. Created a new file today using a template. The template contains a bunch of stock symbols and other resources I use. The new file references another VW file that is nothing more than an imported dwg file. After creating the new file and bringing in the reference, I inserted about ten instances of a symbol into the new file using the instrument insertion tool. I assigned a LL called 'Standard' to these instruments which only contains the 'Inst Type' label. I entered the appropriate data into the 'Inst Type' field in the object info palette, but I noticed the labels weren't showing up with the symbols. Checked label classes...they are on. Checked font size and tried bigger and smaller font sizes...no change. 'Standard' LL is active. Double-checked the 'Standard' LL to make sure it was set up properly...it is. I deleted all LL including their symbol folder and built all new LL from scratch...didn't help. I have tried building new LL from a blank file and importing them into the file I'm working with...no change. I have tried using these symbols and LL in an otherwise blank file...same problem. I've also tried starting over from a completely blank file...same problem. After checking all of this, a new problem started...whenever I try to insert a new symbol (with the spotlight instrument insertion tool, of course), the LL layout editing window appears on top of the symbol being inserted. Very weird. I'm using Windows 7 RC x86(Build 7100), which I'm sure is not officially supported, but this has been working fine until today. Not sure what else to check. Any thoughts? I would upload the file, but it's bigger than 5 MB.

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Windows 7 is not supported or even realy tested.

You can send the file to tech support and they can take a look at the file. The only other thing to try is to back-up your user folder (XP it's C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2009)

Then delete the original and give it a try again.

If it works let me know and we will want to take a look at the old files and the new files.

We have had reports of this fixing the problem on the Mac and for others the problem has just gone away.


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