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Xerox 8830 plotter problems



Our office uses a mix of VW 12.5 and 2008 all running on pc (all with different specs) with XP and up to now we have been plotting quite happily on a HP500 with no problems at all.

However in an effort to reduce our plotting cost we have invested in a xerox 8830. But as yet we can not get it to plot the drawing as it is drawn.

There is no one problem - sometimes it misses out whole sections, other times it will take part of the print and ghost it across the whole page and others it will make a hatch a solid black objects.

And it happens across all machines and verions of VW we run!

Any ideas??

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I can only say that based on my experience, I would never print or plot anything directly from Vectorworks.

I first noticed as colors shifting.

More commonly it's corruption of text.

It happens on all three of my print devices, so I wouldn't attribute your issues to the plotter.

I always send it to a PDF and print from there...which of course confirms that it's a vectorworks issue.

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