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Paste 8.52 to 9.01

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Pasting between files that were originally created in earlier version does not work well here. The destination file will not allow objects to be added to existing classes. So, for example I get a dialogue called "Assign Name" that says: "Rename the Class Definition 'None':" then a text box, with ok and cancel. I have to give objects formerly in the None class a new class name or it won't paste. Same thing with dimensions, can't paste into dimension class, I have to give them a new name. This does not happen when pasting between files created in 9.01.


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More detail: the problem seems to be with a particular file. For some reason it does not have a class simply called "none". The none class has a sub menu with one class in it, "None-0". I can delete the 0 from the name but not the -0. It says there is already an object with that name. Not sure what is going on here.


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Donald, I've been told by people who know a lot more than I do to "NEVER REMOVE OR ALTER THE none CLASS". Because it is the default class for any otherwise un-classed objects it needs to exist. Therefore, I suspect that the trouble you're having stem from this. FYI the other "untouchable" class is Dimension.

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An uneducated guess: try exporting as VectorScript, and use a text editor to do a global search and replace on 'None-0', changing it to 'None', then import the result into a new document. Check the document to make sure everything is still there and correct.

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In VW, classes and many other named objects share the same namespace. So if you have a script in a document named "Test", you cannot add a class named "Test" to that document. If you copy an object from another document which belongs to the "Test" class, you will get the dialog you saw. There is no test class in the destination document, and it cannot make a "Test" class, because there is another object with that name.

I examined the document you sent us. There is a group with a name of "None" and another group with a name of "Dimension". These groups are both on layer 4.1/4, on the South Elevation. They are the two window groups on the second floor. If you select one of these groups and click on the data pane on the OI palette, you will see its name. That is why you are getting the dialog asking you to rename the "None" class when you paste an object from another document that was in the "None" class.

If you want to restore your document so the default class is named "None" and the class dimensions are assigned to is "Dimension", you can change the names of the groups named "None" and "Dimension", then you can go to the classes dialog and rename "None-0" to "None" and "Dimension-0" to "Dimension".


Bruce Ferguson


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