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get my instruments to have class colours

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i'm struggling to get my instruments to have the colour of the classes they belong to.

it works if they just are symbols, not if they are instruments...

i need to have different colours of the instruments and their classes since i need to separate them on the plot.. (rented lights from pre-rigged ones...)

how on earth do i do this??

all best


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It should not work even if they are just symbols unless the geometry inside of the symbol is set to a class and uses class attributes.

Lighting devices should work exactly the same way.

Post a sample file and I'll take a look.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The file you sent just looks like it's using class attributes but it is not. The geometry inside of the symbol is colored blue and the lighting device just happens to have class attributes set to blue. If you change the class attributes the symbol does not change color.

The lighting devices in the drawing that are rectangles using the class color are just rectangles because there in no symbol in the document for that lighting device.

The only way to do this is create separate symbols in different colors or use use layer color and place the symbols on different layers.

It;s on the wish list but for not the attributes of a symbol instance will always match the attributes of the symbol definition.

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This comes up with us all the time and there really is not a good solution. I will typically draw a nice plot figure out what I need to sub rent based on inventory and then duplicate those fixtures in my resource browser making one that is the name followed by rental. Then make the rental symbols uniquely different from the stock ones.

The class color could work, but is kinda a pain. You could set all your fixtures in the symbol to be a certain look. The problem is that you then have to go in each symbol and set the geometry to that class. Okay now you have a symbol that is a rental. So maybe you make a rental class. You change the way that class appears and you duplicate your symbols that are rental and apply to that class. You are still doing the same thing.

If when you insert the lighting device you want it to be on a rental class it won't work because it doesn't know what class to use since it is a symbol. The class the geometry in the symbol is on or the class the symbol is placed on. It gets confused like I am now. I am reattaching a file where I just made a duplication of one of the symbols and replaced it with like ones so now it looks different.

One other option is use layer colors. That thought typically ends badly.


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