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Suddenly some objects appear grey and frozen.

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In the middle of working on a project today, I noticed that in the design layer, some objects are grey and I cannot modify them. I am in the same layer and class but I cannot figure out why just some of these appear to be this way. When I go into my viewport and try to modify them in the design layer, it's fine. What's up? Why can I modify in the Viewport but not in the Design Layer?

I am using Vectorworks 2009, Windows XP Media Edition, Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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I would bet that your Layer or Class settings are set to "Gray Others" or "Gray/Snap Others", which would allow you to see (as gray) other Layers/Classes but not modify them.

When you enter the Design Layer via the Viewport, and the setting is "use VP visibilities (or settings?)" then it makes perfect sense...

Does that make sense???

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