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Lighting Position Awareness - Make it stop

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So I have just begun using 2009 and while the new feature that makes lights aware of their own position based on which Lighting Position Objects are sitting under them seems good in theory, it is actually driving me crazy.

In my drawing, two positions are directly adjacent to each other. That is, one pipe butts right up under another. The problem is, one my my light sits right on the junction of the two pipes. It is really hung on "Pipe A" but since "Pipe B" is sitting right there next to it, it thinks it is hung on "Pipe B".

No matter what I do, I cannot get it to be assigned its actual position. When I enter the new position name into the Light's Object Info, it just changes immediately back to the old wrong position. If I hide the class of "Position B" and THEN change the light's info, then it sticks temporarily, but as soon as the class is visible again and I refresh instruments, it changes back again. I have also tried making sure "Position A" is in front of "Position B" and it still doesn't solve the problem. Help!



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In that situation you usually end up using different layers to solve the "grabbiness" issue and bringing the other layer back in a DLVP or just combining everything in the Viewport on the Sheet Layer.

It takes a little getting used to, but most of the time the "grabbiness" is a nice feature.


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Assuming someone will have to hang your plot someday, how will your drawing let the hands know which pipe the instrument goes on? you said it looks like it's on one pipe but actually on another - sometimes I'll offset stuff that's directly beneath, put it in a comment bubble, and draw an arrow to it's exact location, or put in a note to check elevation drawing.

Sounds like if something's close enough to confuse VW it's probably going to confuse a stagehand.


Tim O

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Have you checked to make sure you are running the latest service pack, at least 4.

I recently upgraded to VW09 and was having the same problem. My position are on their own layer and fixtures on another. When I converted a file from 12.5 to 2009 and start working in it I could not control where the fixture landed. But if I convert and save as a 2009, close and then reopen. I don't have that problem, if my fixture lands near the cross VW is letting me choose which pipe to assign it to. I don't know why but it is letting do it. Oh, also our positions are locked which my be part of it because with them locked the auto numbering does update automatically. Once I place my fixture I have to unlock the pipe, cycle the auto numbering command and then renumber. It is a little cumbersome but I have not find a way around it.

I understand the irritation, I like my lightwright export to be clean and predictable.


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