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Call Out Tool behaving badly

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On a recent drawing I sent I suddenly realised after sending that when exported as a PDF my drawing altered. The text in the call out box changed itself from reading "Move DG Socket at least 435mm off corner boxing" to "Move DG Socket at least 435mm of fcorner boxing".

The second 'f' in 'off' moved itself on one space. I then noticed wherever I had written 'off' in diff boxes the same thing happened. Design Layer showed it as ok - it only changed on PDF. Anyone know why? I resorted to saying 'from' instead but would rather use 'off' if I can find out how. I've attached an image to show.



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I NEVER use this tool as each time there is a new iteration of the programme I waste hours finding out that it is not exactly as advertised. I collect my notes as symbols in a file that I can pick & choose. Simple easy & gives me what I need in a call-out, & I can always convert to a group save as a new symbol & add to my call-out file.

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I have untold problems with the callout tool, about 6 months ago the drop shadow function for the callout box stopped working and has never worked since, have not got a clue why, and if you click to set your insertion point and then zoom out to get some context of where you want to drag it too, the tool stops working and you have to start again, very annoying.

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Hey Everyone,

Got this reply from Nemetshek today:

"Some fonts, even system fonts are not supported well when the

Vectorworks Preference, "Quartz Imaging" is turned on. If you turn off

this preference on the Display tab of the Vectorworks Preferences, the

text should export as expected."

Not being the most technical I don't know how that will affect documents but at least people can now read my text.


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